My passions are expanding – and therefore my blog is expanding as well! This is a joining of two worlds: my love for design – interior design specifically – and my love of art and how it’s developed through my little Etsy shop of the same name. My existing interior design specific posts are still around, and I will most definitely still write more! I just want to bring more of me into this space. More sharing, more learning, more of my personal journey, both heart and art alike.

I am growing, learning, and developing every day – emotionally, as a mom, as an interior designer, as an artist – and I want to share it, and hear about your development too.

AES·THETE /ˈesˌTHēt/ one having sensitivity to the beautiful, especially in art

Our Value:
💜 Love art 💜 Reclaim wonder 💜 Share your story 💜

What Aesthete Workshop is:
⇢ A safe place for those who love art, use art, create art
⇢ A safe place for those who, like me, are learning their way through life

What Aesthete Workshop is all about:
⇢ Positive mental health, encouragement, community
⇢ Imperfection, learning, being beautifully messy
⇢ Finding the beauty in the everyday moments

Aesthete Workshop is for:
⇢ Artists
⇢ Art Appreciators
⇢ Deep Feelers
⇢ Lovers of Life

What will happen here at the Aesthete Workshop blog:
⇢ What I’m learning – in life and my art practices
⇢ Encouragement and Positivity
⇢ Art and Interior Design

Hi friends! My name is Amanda! I am currently a mom of two boys: 3 & 1 – with one on the way (my husband is really hoping for a girl, but I wouldn’t mind either way – I love being a boy mom). My day job is an interior designer working on commercial multi-family spaces, and I love spending my free time on my small business and personal art journey. My husband has a huge heart – he’s a building manager for a large non-profit out here in Colorado, and spends all his free time as a talented wildlife photographer.

I’m unashamed about my love for beautiful clouds and the color purple, I’m constantly listening to an audiobook, and I have one vise in life – I can’t say no to a Dr. Pepper.

I am focusing on my mental health as a large priority these days. Because of the large amount of upheaval and lower-t trauma life change in my life these past 6-8 years, I’ve been chronically disassociating for the past 1-and-a-half or 2 years. These days, I work moment by moment on staying present, inhabiting my body, and not letting my inner protectors react without taking control of my heart and soul. I absolutely know my body is constantly working on protecting my sensitive HSP soul, but for the past few months, I’ve been aware and working with my therapist. I no longer want to live in survival mode – on autopilot, and instead get present in my life, enjoy every beautiful moment.

I have important people speaking truth into my life – and learning more about what I need in my life to move my life where I want it to go: a personal art practice, schedule consistency, managing my triggers, going to a movie alone every week, somatic therapy, grounding meditations, as some examples. My personal heart goal is to get preventative in my mental health instead of reactive – as I’ve been practically living on cortisol in my life for who knows how long.

And as you can tell, also – I tend to overshare – I’m an open book!

Hey, friend! You got this too 😊 you really, honestly do 💜

I have learned for me personally that this is my mantra, my go word, what I look in the mirror and say to myself when I’m just so low on energy but still have shit to do (I always do).

It’s been about a month since I’ve really sunk my time into my little Etsy shop and I’m excited to come back and show you guys everything I’ve been cooking up… in other news… I also have something else big cooking – baby number three!

With two toddlers, a full 40+ hour a week day job, and everything else life has to offer (I really need to clean my house too 😉), I’ve been telling myself “you’ve got this” several times a day. And let me tell you, I actually do got it! Tired, busy, not on ounce of introvert time, too much fast food, and falling asleep before my head hits the pillow, I still do it day after day 💜

And you got this too.

Freebie lock screens below to remind yourself that you got this:

You are cared for and have a place here at Aesthete Workshop! 💜

⇢ Where have you seen or created beauty in your life recently?

Love ya!
⇢ Amanda Margaret


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