Happy JULY my friends! Every once in a while… I still think it’s April so I have some catching up to do. I am so excited to start Aesthete Workshop’s monthly freebie series on a happy note. My favorite color is purple (as you know if you’ve even seen my little Etsy shop, my Instagram, or me, in person) and I’m excited to fill your July with the lovely bright pastel purples and greens of spring.

Scroll down below for Freebies!

Let’s start with some inspiration!

As soon as Pantone announced this joyful purple color as the official Color of the Year, my year was officially made. I’ve got my heart set on this color of the year mug.

I was very inspired by the bright shades of this palette, courtesy of this year’s Pantone, but I wanted to lean into the unexpected pairing of green and purple together. I wanted a palette that leaned towards pastel tones, but stayed energetic, and welcomed unique and unexpected combinations for interest and depth.

This palette is a play on springtime fields and a riot of romantic shades. Though green and purple are both considered more classic or traditional colors, especially in more pastel shades, I wanted these shades to be modernized into what I’m calling bright pastels.

Pillows of the Week #7

My pillow collection for this color scheme DOES lean more towards the traditional feel that these colors imply – a little more formal, with more pastel tones.

Though different, these pillows mesh together through feel and color scheme. A larger damaske style pillow in a more traditional style establishes the lighter mint-toned green, with more traditional fabrics of two strictly periwinkle pillows. A classic design – the wide center stripe, brings a traditional touch while adding a refreshing white and solid color, and a floral filled with both tones of periwinkle and green bring it all together.

1. Etsy / ShopLittleDesignCO / The Little Lumbar Pillow: Signature Velvet / Periwinkle / 12″ x 18″
2. Anthropologie / Woven Bronte Pillow / Moss / 20″ x 20″
3. One King’s Lane / Pippa’s Pillow / Periwinkle / 19″ x 19″
4. Sunday Citizen / Versaille Lumbar Pillow / Sage, Off-White / 14″ x 36″
5. Burke Decor / Loloi x Rifle Paper Co. / Periwinkle Floral Pillow / 13″ x 21″
6. Etsy / PopOColor / Les Touches Periwinkle Blue Brunschwig Fils Decorative Pillow Cover / 18″ x 18″

The fine print: This pillow design is fully conceptual. I did my best to accurately depict sizes, and use the color directly from the corresponding website, but most likely differs from what they look like in real life. I also try to choose pillows from respectable websites, and wherever I can choose pillows I’ve seen in real life / know are exceptionally high quality, but some of these pillows and their manufacturers are unknown to me and for strict aesthetic purposes. Feel free to reach out and I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience however I can in the time that I have.


Desktop Wallpapers

Phone Wallpapers

Procreate Palette

Click on the image above to head to a free Google Drive link to this procreate palette!

Hex Codes Below:


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