Still inspired by the Pantone color of the month! A relaxed pillow design, with tons of texture, and tonal periwinkle mixed with warm neutrals for interest and grounding.

1. West Elm / Fieldscape Pillow Cover / Light Mauve / 20″ x 20″
2. Pottery Barn / Bayside Seedstitch Pillow Cover / Ivory / 22″ x 22″
3. Bed, Bath & Beyond / Olivia & Oliver Velvet Oblong Throw Pillow / Periwinkle / 14″ x 24″
4. Urban Outfitters / Tia Modern Throw Pillow / Lilac / 14″ x 20″
5. Sunday Citizen / Snug Waffle Mini Pillow / Purple Haze / 12″ x 18″
6. Urbanscape Co / Knot Cushion, Periwinkle

Each pillow has a soft and cozy texture, while keeping the color monochromatic and anchored in warm neutrals. A repeating knit pillow in ivory is the backdrop for this pillow design, with a brighter periwinkle knot pillow for interesting sculptural form – while still in a cozy velvet texture.

Color blocking is the only pattern element – periwinkle is a traditional color in interior design, so a more modern pattern brings some freshness and even familiarity. Two different color tones also add depth – a lighter lilac shade alongside a brighter blue-toned periwinkle. Beside each other, they keep the calmer monochromatic tone without feeling matchy-matchy

The fine print: This pillow design is fully conceptual. I did my best to accurately depict sizes, and use the color directly from the corresponding website, but most likely differs from what they look like in real life. I also try to choose pillows from respectable websites, and wherever I can choose pillows I’ve seen in real life / know are exceptionally high quality, but some of these pillows and their manufacturers are unknown to me and for strict aesthetic purposes. Feel free to reach out and I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience however I can in the time that I have.


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