Ever since the idea of a “mail-order” interior design business became my dream when I was in high school, I have been passionate about finding ways to connect people through interior design all over the world. I work as an online interior designer, and┬álove to research what makes people so passionate about surrounding themselves with beautiful things, memorable things, treasured things. Helping to create those places in other people’s homes is a special peace of mind.

Since sometimes it is hard to stay inspired, especially when my job is difficult, I love to collect things that make me inspired, and surround myself with pieces of them.

I love bookstagrams, half dollars, hiking up in the mountains, rainy days with piles of blankets, waking up late, good movies, and every minute I spend with my husband

I believe one expensive piece of furniture in a room changes your whole home, that your style comes from within yourself, that comfortable fabrics and textures are everything, and that family photos are important in every room.

My online business lives here, at Decorist!