Monthly Mantras – July: Freebie phone wallpaper

Recently, I have been learning (through therapy, and experience alike) to start make friends with my inner world. I’ve never known the experience before of having a conversation with myself and it has been seriously valuable.

So, in July this month, I am using these two mantras in my inner work to focus on developing that listening inner atmosphere.

I listen to my inner world

This mantra is important to me because I’ve never listened to my inner voices before. They protect us and our bodies when we don’t take initiative on our inner life. Its been so cool to talk with my therapist, read books, and learn that I have a central inner hub and I am totally in control of making decisions and having boundaries even within my own inner world!

I love that so many people have been talking about and paying more attention to their inner child. I see posts on social media and hear talk in my mental health groups. It’s so important to show compassion and introduce play in our lives! Especially as the world keeps feeling heavier and heavier day after day.

The inner voices I have been working on listening to and making friends with are emotion, thought, and instinct. They are all there as tools and advice for us to listen to – but more often than not I have let one of these voices be either pushed aside or let them take over my inner world. I’m learning to listen to all three equally and then come to my own conclusion and make decisions in my own decision-making inner self.

Resources I’m currently learning from:
Boundaries for Your Soul: How to Turn Your Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies by Alison Cook PhD & Kimberly Miller MTh LMFT
Tune In Wellness Journal: A Journal for Talking to Ourselves by x Taylor Elyse Morrison
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

I value my emotions

Specifically, I am working most intensely on making friends with my emotions. As an HSP, I often don’t trust my inner voices, but the strength of my emotions in particular means I often let my emotions take over my decision center. This means I am working on both identifying them, and learning what they are saying to me, while taking control and ownership of my decisions. For me, this includes practicing being present primarily, while using somatic techniques when I’m on the way towards overwhelmed or flooded emotions.

I oftentimes have to intentionally fight the feeling that my emotions are my enemy. Though I know emotions aren’t always telling me the truth, I have to remind myself that they are trying to communicate with me and protect me. That’s why they’re internal voices. They are there to tell us their perspective. For me, it’s oftentimes confusing when they disagree and tell me different things.

Because my emotions are so strong, I want to take ownership of them and make them my friend, while bringing them under my decision-making center. My second mantra this month helps me hone in on making friends with my emotions by getting present and using my focus. That’s the work of mantra work!

Resources I’m currently learning from:
Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience by Brené Brown
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: It’s Impossible to Be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature by Peter Scazzero

I hope these mantras speak to you in the same way they help me hold focus and get present! Enjoy these free lockscreens as a reminder many times a day – as I will be.

By the way, if you like these colors – get ready! Brilliant periwinkle alongside sage and mint greens are the inspiring colors for July! Thursdays post is FULL of Freebies celebrating this color palette, including a Procreate Palette!

You are cared for and have a place here at Aesthete Workshop! 💜

⇢ Where have you seen or created beauty in your life recently?

Love ya!
⇢ Amanda Margaret


Welcome to Aesthete Workshop 💜

My passions are expanding – and therefore my blog is expanding as well! This is a joining of two worlds: my love for design – interior design specifically – and my love of art and how it’s developed through my little Etsy shop of the same name. My existing interior design specific posts are still around, and I will most definitely still write more! I just want to bring more of me into this space. More sharing, more learning, more of my personal journey, both heart and art alike.

I am growing, learning, and developing every day – emotionally, as a mom, as an interior designer, as an artist – and I want to share it, and hear about your development too.

AES·THETE /ˈesˌTHēt/ one having sensitivity to the beautiful, especially in art

Our Value:
💜 Love art 💜 Reclaim wonder 💜 Share your story 💜

What Aesthete Workshop is:
⇢ A safe place for those who love art, use art, create art
⇢ A safe place for those who, like me, are learning their way through life

What Aesthete Workshop is all about:
⇢ Positive mental health, encouragement, community
⇢ Imperfection, learning, being beautifully messy
⇢ Finding the beauty in the everyday moments

Aesthete Workshop is for:
⇢ Artists
⇢ Art Appreciators
⇢ Deep Feelers
⇢ Lovers of Life

What will happen here at the Aesthete Workshop blog:
⇢ What I’m learning – in life and my art practices
⇢ Encouragement and Positivity
⇢ Art and Interior Design

Hi friends! My name is Amanda! I am currently a mom of two boys: 3 & 1 – with one on the way (my husband is really hoping for a girl, but I wouldn’t mind either way – I love being a boy mom). My day job is an interior designer working on commercial multi-family spaces, and I love spending my free time on my small business and personal art journey. My husband has a huge heart – he’s a building manager for a large non-profit out here in Colorado, and spends all his free time as a talented wildlife photographer.

I’m unashamed about my love for beautiful clouds and the color purple, I’m constantly listening to an audiobook, and I have one vise in life – I can’t say no to a Dr. Pepper.

I am focusing on my mental health as a large priority these days. Because of the large amount of upheaval and lower-t trauma life change in my life these past 6-8 years, I’ve been chronically disassociating for the past 1-and-a-half or 2 years. These days, I work moment by moment on staying present, inhabiting my body, and not letting my inner protectors react without taking control of my heart and soul. I absolutely know my body is constantly working on protecting my sensitive HSP soul, but for the past few months, I’ve been aware and working with my therapist. I no longer want to live in survival mode – on autopilot, and instead get present in my life, enjoy every beautiful moment.

I have important people speaking truth into my life – and learning more about what I need in my life to move my life where I want it to go: a personal art practice, schedule consistency, managing my triggers, going to a movie alone every week, somatic therapy, grounding meditations, as some examples. My personal heart goal is to get preventative in my mental health instead of reactive – as I’ve been practically living on cortisol in my life for who knows how long.

And as you can tell, also – I tend to overshare – I’m an open book!

Hey, friend! You got this too 😊 you really, honestly do 💜

I have learned for me personally that this is my mantra, my go word, what I look in the mirror and say to myself when I’m just so low on energy but still have shit to do (I always do).

It’s been about a month since I’ve really sunk my time into my little Etsy shop and I’m excited to come back and show you guys everything I’ve been cooking up… in other news… I also have something else big cooking – baby number three!

With two toddlers, a full 40+ hour a week day job, and everything else life has to offer (I really need to clean my house too 😉), I’ve been telling myself “you’ve got this” several times a day. And let me tell you, I actually do got it! Tired, busy, not on ounce of introvert time, too much fast food, and falling asleep before my head hits the pillow, I still do it day after day 💜

And you got this too.

Freebie lock screens below to remind yourself that you got this:

You are cared for and have a place here at Aesthete Workshop! 💜

⇢ Where have you seen or created beauty in your life recently?

Love ya!
⇢ Amanda Margaret


One day, I will have my own office to work in, in a little farmhouse out in Parker, maybe with a few wolf dogs running around in the backyard. I will have a fancy new laptop and a big glass desk with a perfect desk chair and a velvet sofa under the window. My home will be amazing – it will be the perfect floor plan, have the perfect finishes. I will have filled every corner with amazing furniture that reflects the amazing interior designer I am, making amazing instagram photos, which I would definitely post every day.

But then I think back to just this morning, when I was reading for hours, just sitting next to Jason on our giant cream colored couch. I was so content, so happy, right where I was.

IMG_20160817_185632 (1)

There really is always a “next” in life. Sometimes it motivates me to move forward and keep inspired and passionate. Sometimes, it keeps me from enjoying where I am, where I am at, and then it makes me unsatisfied in me. I don’t need my own office to be passionate about what I do. I don’t need a perfect house to prove I am a good designer.

Though sometimes it is difficult to keep positive and motivated, I only have to look around and feel content – to be thankful.

I feel so lucky to have found a job that I can do at home, but also one I absolutely love. I love my clients – I love being inspired by them, by their ideas; I love interior design – when everything just fits its place. I love the beginning of a project, when it is just building speed, and everything is possible; I love the end of a project, when everything becomes reality; I love every bit of the entire process.

My little apartment, my limping old laptop, my lack of storage, none of this matters, because that is not what makes where I am really home. The fact that this is where I do my job just helps to define the space around me. But also, having Jason here with me, being familiar with each piece of furniture we have (or don’t have), and every time I walk these halls, open a door, or glance over a messy room, my little space becomes a little more mine.

Because it is where my life happens.

It is where I discover more about myself.

This is where I make memories, and a place I call mine.

No home is perfect. “Next” is not always a part of my reality. But creating a place for us to live life here is what home is.