Pillows of the Week #6

Mongolian Lamb Pillow CoverIn parallel with the Autumn Blues that are inspiring me this week, these pillows bring in the season without stereotypical reds and yellows.

Deep, mysterious, and atmospheric, deep blue can add beautiful layers to a neutral couch needing some autumn love. Especially if you like something a little more unique!

Deep, Dark, Autumn Blues



  1. Layla Grayce / 24 x 24″ / Square Feathers Velvet Dark Blue Throw Pillow
  2. The Oliver Gal Artist Co. / 14 x 20″ / Dreaming About You Geode Pillow
  3. Lumbar Pillow / Navy Blue
  4. Pier1 Imports / Taylor Navy Pillow / Magnolia Home Collection
  5. West Elm / Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover / Copper / Square

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Fall Colors – Autumn Blues

Autumn is the season of warm sweaters, burning fires, and deep natural woods. Warm tones are found absolutely everywhere, and autumn leaves burn the colors of the sun.

I love the fall! Since it is my favorite season, I go all out. I want my clients to feel the season as much as I do!

Blue may feel like an unexpected color for autumn, but the deep sea of Autumn blue washes a space in encompassing color without feeling fully winter. Cozy materials, and natural accents add to the feeling with reminders of the warm tones you typically think of when autumn crosses your mind.

Neptune Interiors

Deep, midnight blue fill the evening sky on fall nights, and gray skies are washed with swaths of cool gray. Also, any warm colors stand out incredibly well against the strong background of peacock blue. And neutrals just add to the calming effects of calming, romantic, deep blue.


More Cool Autumn below  ⬇☄️💙🍂🍁

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Combining Styles

Jason and I have probably the most different styles that we could possibly have. Jason would prefer a studio apartment penthouse with minimal furniture. He has a dark industrial aesthetic and likes simple materials, with natural accents, and like a little bit of lodge too! My favorite combination of colors of gray and gold, and I love feminine touches, vintage accents, and lots of architectural detail.

At least we both prefer neutrals right…


1 / 2

As we think about owning a home sometime in the future – I want something historic and adorable, of course – we want to both feel like we belong, and can spend tons of time here, together. But as most homeowners know, combining styles is difficult and time consuming.

It’s important to me that even though my job is interior design, my personal style doesn’t take over our space. Because it’s ours together!

Read more about how we did it! ⤵️

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Pillows of the Week #5

Here are some pastel pretties for you! I am hanging on to summer as long as I can, before I run full on into Autumn.

For now, here are some pastel pillows for you, inspired by floral colors and modern artwork.

Blushing Blooms


  1. World Market / 18 x 18″ / Lavender Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Pillow
  2. Society 6 / 17 x 12″ / Calcutta Marble / Rectangular Pillow Small
  3. Zinc Door / 13 x 19″ / Surya Crescent Lines Blush Lumbar Pillow
  4. Etsy / studioRS / 14 x 20″ / ‘Blue Gesture 1’ Pillow
  5. Society 6 / 16 x 16″ / Pretty Succulents by Nature Magick

A balance of pastel purple, blush pink, and sky blue bring similar tones all together while being united by a calming succulent pillow. A modern marble pillow keeps the updated shapes and materials connected, while bringing neutral black and white, while bringing in metallic gold.

Summer Pastels – Luxury Lilac

I’m going to share a secret with you – two of my favorite things in the world are the color purple, and bunny rabbits!


Architectural Digest / Jamie Drake


I have always said purple was my favorite color, but it wasn’t until recently that I really accepted that fully and started reaching for purple things in my life first. In my opinion, purple in interior design is definitely harder to include than almost any other color. It holds a very specific emotion in the space, and adds a reminder of the classic, formal history it holds.


18_NM Blog 25638-
One King’s Lane / Natalie Morales Living Room Makeover


More lovely lilac – more lucious lavender ⤵️

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Summer Pastels – Ice, Ice, Baby Blue

Guess what! It’s not May anymore (it’s actually July, shh don’t tell!) – but I want to continue my pastel trio I started – just because I want to. I love the easy, breezy, spring colors which bring so much peace and personality to a space. I also love the nostalgic feeling I get while being reminded of my youth a few years ago when everything in my life was full of Tumblr pastels and easter brights.

Here is the blue which reminds us of summer, lightens our days, and energizes our homes.

Elle Decor Sweden / Peter Neumeister

And then there’s more! 👇

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Summer Pastels – Blush Pink

Can you believe it’s May already! It is my favorite month – not only because it’s my birthday month, but because it ushers in the wonder of spring both outside and inside the home as well. This month’s color theme is: spring pastels in honor of my lifelong obsession with the pastels of tumblr, and the wonderful new florals and tones of spring!

Our first week is all about blush pink and its sultry tones, and how (and why) to include it in your home.

Nathan + Jac Wild Heart Living Room Pack


All blush pink, all love 💗 👇

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My Dining Room Update

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look back, and it’s like your whole world has just zoomed in or zoomed out a little? My last few weeks have flown by, taking it with me without any control or any sense of reason – but in a good way, I promise. In these last few weeks, I have turned 23, started a time-consuming new job, and planned out several vacations for these next few weeks. It already has been a wild first week of May!

I have always been someone to jump head first into everything I do, but I am hoping this internet space for me writing about my passions and discoveries will not be one of those all-or-nothing things in my life. It is hard for me to really discover how to write consistently and regularly while being all-in in another place in my life. But I will strive! I have a plan, and I promise to do my best to stick with it and make my mark regular. Even while on vacation.

Another thing that has been happening around my household is planning out how to fill our little apartment with furniture. As an interior designer, I am obviously passionate about the home and surrounding yourself with pieces you love, but am very lazy about that in my own little apartment. Recently, though, I have seen potential as I look around, and am starting to get excited about a future where each room has our personal touch on it.

I am starting with our dining room. Now, it will definitely be a while as we save money for these changes, and slowly implement them over time, but possibility always has its spark in creativity, and that makes my brain run away with itself.

There will be no dining table, no dining chairs, no sideboard or credenza in our dining room. We would be able to use it as a place for study groups, for casual meals, to study or work on laptops, maybe for a game night, but all with a more laid back feel. Since we weren’t interested in hosting dinner parties, and we never eat at a dining table, we thought using more casual chairs would fit all of those parameters. A coffee table in the center can still act as a central location to set things on and gather around, and this setup is just a little more formal than our loungey living room.


I started with an indoor-outdoor area rug, which will help hide crumbs and other mess which I am too lazy to clean up right away, and will look good no matter how many feet walk across it. Personally, I love the fringe too – it adds just a little fun. These swivel chairs are comfortable to sit all the way back in, but easy to slide to the front of when grabbing something from the coffee table. And since they are swivel chairs, it’s easy to direct your direction without too much effort. A marble coffee table is the easiest to clean, and the open bottom means I can slide a pouf or organization basket underneath when I want to, but keep the whole spacce feeling open the rest of the time.

I am a big fan of layering coffee tables these days too. For flexibility, a side table that is taller than a coffee table can give you that much more practical space to work with, but it’s just as easy to slide into a corner and out of the way. If you love this as much as I do, a creative live edge side table, a tiled side table, or something a little more glam can help add a little style to a living space without overshadowing a larger, more practical coffee table that you love.

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My Clients Love: Task Lamps as Table Lamps

Lately, I have been including the trend of task lighting in place of the traditionally shaped floor or table lamp, and my clients are loving it! Though I recommend them for the practicality of having lighting exactly where you want, my clients love how they look and feel in their space.

You may know the other name of a task lamp – desk lamp. These lamps provide directed light to a specific place on your desk, but can also be the perfect source of light for a favorite reading spot or bedside table. “Task lighting” is the interior designer’s way of explaining how to get enough light for the activities you plan on doing in each room. If you plan on reading or working, you will want different light than if you are just sitting and watching TV or in the kitchen making food. Thinking about what you want your lighting to help you do, will help you create a better environment for whatever you are doing.

It is super easy to fill your living room with soft, romantic light, while still giving enough light to read or work by without straining your eyes. And the best part is you don’t even need to turn your overhead lights on.

My clients not only love this lighting setup but love the trendy way task lamps look in their spaces. There are so many different styles, so it is easy to find one to fit into the feel of your home, and they all look modern and on trend, no matter which style you choose. They come in any finish and color you can imagine, and every style and shape.

Source: My Domaine – Inside the Living Room Makeover of Emily Henderson’s Editorial Director

Why it’s a great choice for any of your rooms ↓

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Dark Masculine, Deep Spaces

Heavy in black, with warm wood tones, rustic leather, and hefty furniture, masculine rooms with dark colors carry a luxe, seductive quality that cannot be beat. My husband loves these deep, dark spaces, and although my aesthetic runs a bit more airy and feminine, I have come to appreciate the amazing aura that they carry.

A dark color carries a heavy weight to it, and since black is the darkest of colors, it weighs the most. In a room, it feels overwhelming without the right balance of warm woods, finishes, and architectural detail.

Source: Kathy Kuo Blog – How to Create the True Gentleman’s Bachelor Pad
More deep, dark masculine spaces! ⬇️
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