It makes me so happy that we are still celebrating purple in our color of the month this month! Any purple in green combination is also a tricky combination, especially for an interior designer like me.

Let’s dive into the unique and not-often-used tones of lilac and periwinkle paired with fresh mint and calming sage.

On a side note, recently I’ve been playing with Spoak to keep my creative juices flowing and interior design feeling fresh. Finding inspiration is a huge part of being an interior designer! I played with this combination of lovely and unique colors, combining lilac and sage green. Balancing the color scheme, while using warm oak and other natural tones to help ground the space, and sculptural forms to add a beautiful and expensive, chic look.

Link goes to a list of used products from my Spoak account

Now both of these colors can definitely hold their own in a single design, so designing with both can definitely be a challenge. It’s even harder to find reference and inspiring images, so create your own and design boldly! I love this bold combination of daring colors and the emotion they can evoke.

What do you think about the difference in these combinations? Which is your favorite? Does this inspire you to dive into these unique combinations?

Click to open inspiration of periwinkle, and more combinations of these light purple and fresh green combinations.

Let’s start with isolating the fresh, lovely, Pantone color of the year: Periwinkle

Romantic, spring-inspired while staying cozy and homey, this color usually is found is more traditional spaces, so mixing it up in modern spaces feels unique and fresh.

Let’s start in a familiar, more traditional style, with romantic periwinkles and warm, natural tones.

Periwinkle tones have always paired with classic shapes, forms, and patterns, and reminds us of country houses, and traditional lines.

It feels difficult to step away from the traditional nature of the essence of this color, but I love them and want to bring them a little bit separate – into my style, my time, my own home even.

A single fresh color element in a room keeps the color scheme tight while infusing freshness and a unique perspective into a space. A sofa or sectional is bold, a chair is a little more tame – and my ultimate favorite way to add a single element of color in a space is large-scale artwork.

Here are some of my favorite periwinkle artwork pieces, followed by accessories and elements. When working monochromatically, within the same color, feel free to experiment with mixing styles and playing with modern and traditional together.

Another strong monochromatic element can be through paint. It’s bolder – encompassing in a whole room, embracing boldness on one surface.

Especially in love with this amazing matte ceiling:

And check out my pillows of the week earlier this week for a cozy periwinkle layout you can use in your home 😉

My personal favorite style in rooms includes a balanced monochromatic palette, exploring more texture, pattern, and how different elements play together. Amazing art, texture, layers of softness and smoothness together, brightness in marble and brass, and natural tones in oak and woven textures.

Now in my mind and design world, there are two amazing combinations to pair with light purple and soothing green. The key is to pair these colors in a balanced way, otherwise, one of these two loud colors can overwhelm the design, and leave the other color feeling unbalanced.

These more traditional colors, and the way they combine, can feel formal and traditional, or bold and captivating.

Let’s take a look at some of these combinations in interior design, starting with more traditional design:

These combinations in contemporary or modern design:

Where green and purple play – to bring into your home and life:

Are you inspired? Are you thinking of ways to include unique color? Ways to pair favorite colors in unexpected ways?


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