Since I read the most in the winter, a cozy corner to turn pages and admire the snow out the window is a necessary addition for my intimate home spaces. The glowing white of the snow out the window and the soft sound of flipping pages bring add a different feel to winter.

White Textured


I absolutely love the feel of monochromatic spaces. It allows you to focus on texture, quality, and subtle differences without too much contrast. It is such a calming and peaceful sense to be in a space totally surrounded by a single color in unnamed shades,


Curl up with hot cocoa and keep reading! 👇💮

Because white is such a universal and widely accepted neutral, it can be seen anywhere and even seems difficult to make feel special.



There is definitely such a thing as the trendy white, and making white special is absolutely replacing the “builders white” in your home or apartment.

A cozy bed is the perfect thing to crawl into at the end of a long day. Jason and I keep our heat off most of the winter, so layers of blankets and a nest of pillows are my bread and butter for bedtime.

And white bedding is classic. It’s the layers and textures which can make it cozy and wintery. A combination of knits, linens, velvets, and other warm looking fabrics add up to create a perfectly cozy place to spend an evening or late morning. Complete the look with a linen bed skirt and a handmade wooden bench at the end of your bed.

My own bed is layers of texture and a full set of a quilt, duvet, flannel or linen sheets depending on the season, and blankets between and on all of those layers. It is my favorite mornings with fabrics and textures all up underneath my chin. Especially when it is 12 degrees outside in Denver.


The best thing about whites is that they all look incredible together. Whether it’s ivory, cream, or pure white, together they just create an even cozier atmosphere. In fact, with different tones, the depth to your bedding is deeper, even though it’s subtle.

White, Cream, and Ivory



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