I was honored to put together two designs for a client who wanted a light, bright, and kid-friendly space. Their love of saddle-colored leather was the main starting point, with layers of texture and details that come in the form of plants and interesting artwork.


One of my favorite coffee table alternatives is a large, leather ottoman, totally kid-friendly, and wears so gorgeously over time. I especially love pieces that look better with wear than they did new.


My maximalist side comes out in this space, with layered of pillows with small detail and every surface covered in decor pieces. Mid-century woods count as a type of accent color, with greenery filling in each corner.


The balance of the seating in this space comes from the delicate legs and clean, mid-century lines, though the sofa and chair have their own unique style to bring interest throughout the space.


This is my favorite view of this space. I love the walnut wood and black and white modern art pieces to keep the TV area (but not the TV) the focal point of this space.


And here is Design 2!

In this room, I drew the depth of the saddle leather and walnut wood across the space to the window wall.


In this design I went for an intimate feel, with chunkier texture and more focus downward with the help of an overhead lamp and hanging planters.


I love that everything in this space has a complicated texture, but it works together in layers. The velvet side chair brings texture in a solid, with a gorgeous pouf, and classic-inspired rug in rust tones and accents of ocean blue.


The artwork in this space is balanced with two large, white-background pieces and two simple pieces with warm backgrounds over the fireplace. as the focal point. The color is a neutral contrast from the clean, gray tile background so is what your eye is drawn to.


A bookcase on the inner wall with a media console beside keeps this space feeling totally open while staying framed with tall pieces.


This is just my favorite chair – pillow combination, I have been using it in every design I can!

Which one is your favorite? Light and airy, or deep and detailed?



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